War Guidelines

Here are our general war guidelines. These don’t always apply but please use them when possible to help ensure war victory.

Use Your Attacks!

Participation is what wins wars. Skill is important but there is strength in numbers so please use both of your attacks. Even if your target is much stronger than you, there is still a chance you could get one star… and every star counts! Those who do not follow this policy will be kicked out of the clan.

* Should you be unable to participate in a war, please let an elder or co-leader know in advanced to avoid being kicked out of the clan.


Your first attack is always your equal.

- Always attack your equal with your first attack.  Players in the bottom five slots (so 15 to 20 in a 20 person war) should use both of their attacks in the first twelve hours of war. Everyone else should get first attack in within 8 hours of war. Use your second attack to clean up a base around your level that has already been attacked.  Do not attack a base that  has not been attacked for cleanup until the last ten hours of war. If we all follow this strategy, we won’t be leaving impossible targets for the people at the bottom of the war list. Go for stars not loot!


Draw out the enemy’s Clan Castle troops first

If you lure out your enemy’s CC toops and kill them outside of their walls before launching your main attack, your troops will live longer and give you a better chance for more stars. A good way to do this is to send in a single troop like a hog or minion and draw the to a corner, then surround and kill!


War Base Design

  • Protect Your Town Hall! – an unprotected town hall is an easy star for the enemy.
  • Don’t Worry About Your Resources – This is war! protect your stars not your loot!