Requirements, Expectations & Rewards

Clan Requirements:

To be accepted and stay in our clan you must agree to and maintain the following: (Elders and Co-Leaders – please strictly enforce this policy)

  • Speak English
  • Respect Members and No Cursing
  • Participate in Wars
  • Donate a Third of What You Receive
  • Stay Active


Clan Expectations:

- War Participation
As a clan member you are expected to participate in the clan wars and follow the clan war guidelines. Not participating in wars will be cause for being kicked out of the clan.

- Donate To Your Clan mates
You donation ratio must be 1/3 of your received troops. Meaning that if you have received 300 troops, you have donated 100. Not maintaining this ratio will cause for being kicked out of the clan.

- Positive Attitude and Communication
No foul language or general miss-use of the clan chat thread will be tolerated.

Clan Rewards:

Elder and Co-leader are earned by observing the rules requirements and your level of participation. Please do not ask to be promoted.