Multi Team Strategy

The idea is to have two teams and alternate wars. The team you are on is based on your performance from each war.

This team would consist of those players that make a certain performance grade. Team A is a part of EVERY war

This team would include those that didn’t make the performance cut from the previous war AND all of the A team.  (Everyone) Team B is in EVERY OTHER war.

To make ( and remain on ) team A, you must have a net of 0 stars from each war. Your net star total is stars earned in attacks, minus stars lost in defense = Net Stars.

(See below example I got 3 stars total from both my war attacks and my war base got two starred by the enemy so I have a NET of 1 star (3-2=1)

– Should provide more wins for the clan
– Gives those are keen on winning wars what they need
– Creates a fun competitive environment for everyone
– You can move yourself to the B team (instead of opting out ) if you don’t like constant war.

This provides a bit of friendly competition and a reason to learn to better your attacks and your defense!!! It also benefits the clan by potentially racking up more wins.

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